cloud engineer, gsoc '18 at cloud-cv, co-founder, data science at trell



I read philosophy, product development, and a whole lot of non-fiction. I love indie music and psychedelic rock, and I like to brag about how I knew Tame Impala before their Currents album dropped. Lonerism is probably my favorite album.

I've transitioned from building AI tools in Python to doing Data Science in a Start-Up which has over 20 million users now. Currently, I work with tools on the Cloud and do Data Engineering to support my existence.

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I rant a lot on twitter and here's my linkedin profile. If you want to grab a coffee or a beer (I prefer the latter), I'm all down for it as long as you're buying. :P

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What Am I Up to Now?

To pay the bills, I work part-time for a US-based hardware company where I work on architecting their Cloud Environment and databases, and do a lot of analytics. Rest of the time, I'm working on my start-up

As a hobby, I'm learning how to build scalable applications in Golang while reading Product and Customer Development!


If you like to hire me or would just like to see my resume, find it here.