you must be weary from all that travel. would you like some chai while you're here? - engineer, founder, data science trell, gsoc '18 cloud-cv.



i read. a lot. i love indie music and psychedelic rock. i've transitioned from building AI tools in python for machine learning and perception lab at virginia tech to doing data science in a start-up that has over 30 million users now. currently, i work with tools on the cloud, unity (game dev with c#) and data engineering. i've also built multiple start-ups/products most of which failed to be profitable businesses.

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i rant a lot on twitter and here's my linkedin profile. you can reach out to me through my email(

i work part-time for a US-based hardware company where i work on architecting their cloud, databases, and do a lot of analytics. recently i just got a new project to build a big unity interactive game from scratch. rest of the time, i'm working on my start-up as a hobby, i'm learning how to build scalable applications in golang while actively participating and losing my money on crypto.


you can find my resume here.